GetEWSClient 401 Unathorized

Hello. I use Google translator

When connecting, an exception occurs and a 401 error Unathorized.

System: Linix Ubuntu 24.04

At the same time, everything works on Windows.

curl -u username:password -v https://url/ews/exchange.asmx --ntlm on Terminal Ubuntu - works. Without --ntlm - does not works

public static IEWSClient? GetExchangeEWSClient(string box, string pass)
     var credentials = new NetworkCredential(box, pass, “”);
     IEWSClient client = EWSClient.GetEWSClient(Props.MailBoxMy, credentials);
     return client;
  catch (Exception)
      return null;

Hello @Ultimate8,

Welcome to our support forum!
Unfortunately, Aspose.Email does not support NTLM authentication in its .NET Core version. We have created an investigation ticket to address this issue.

Issue ID(s): EMAILNET-41371

Thank you.