GetRowHeightPixel for Supersсript and Subscript

Hello, I can’t get the correct line height when present Supersript and Subscript text.

  1. 10->17 (OK)
  2. 24->51 ( ~56 OК)
  3. 18->34 (~ 36 OK)
  4. 11->17 (OK)
  5. 14->17 (Excel 19 ОК)
    6)14->17 (Excel 21 ОК) (12.9 KB)

We have observed the differences when compared to MS Excel result after calling AutoFitRow(). We have logged this issue in our database as follows:

CELLSNET-47449 - GetRowHeightPixel() differs for Superscript and Subscript when compared with Excel after calling autoFitRow

Following is our observation which is logged with the ticket:
Comparison.PNG (2.4 KB)

We could not find the pattern how to change row height for Superscript and Subscript after closely comparing many settings.
We are afraid that we could not fix this issue soon. Once there is any update, we will inform you soon.

Hello. How is it going?


Still with no luck to find the right pattern. Once we have any new information available, we will share it with you immediately.