Getting editable msg after creating it using Aspose.Email.Mapi MapiContact

After creating msg file using Aspose.Email.Mapi MapiContact class and opening it in outlook without making any changes when I try to close it promt comes do you want to save your changes?
Which property need to be set to avoid this message
Thanks in advance.


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  1. Providing error free code

using Aspose.Email.Mapi;

namespace ConsoleApp1
class Program
MapiContact mapiContact = null;
static void Main(string[] args)
Program p = new Program();
public void writeInMSG()
mapiContact = new MapiContact();
mapiContact.NameInfo = new MapiContactNamePropertySet();

        mapiContact.NameInfo.DisplayName = "xyz";
        mapiContact.NameInfo.Nickname = "abc";
        mapiContact.NameInfo.GivenName = "xyz abc";
        mapiContact.NameInfo.FileUnder = "pqr";

        mapiContact.ElectronicAddresses.Email1.EmailAddress = "";
        mapiContact.ElectronicAddresses.DefaultEmailAddress.EmailAddress = "";

        mapiContact.ElectronicAddresses.Email1.DisplayName = "abc";
        mapiContact.ElectronicAddresses.DefaultEmailAddress.DisplayName = "abc";

        mapiContact.Save("C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\New folder (3)\\contact.msg", ContactSaveFormat.Msg);

2. Output file Output (1.1 KB)

When you will create and open a .msg file in outlook using above code and then when you close it without making any changes the prompt will come do you want to save changes which I don’t want

  1. File created using Outlook.Die (4.8 KB)

When you create a .msg file using outlook and then opening it in outlook if you will close it without making any changes file will close without giving you the prompt.

Please figure out what is problem and what changes I need to do Thanks.


We have tested the scenario using the latest version of Aspose.Email for .NET 22.1 and have not found the shared issue. So, please use Aspose.Email for .NET 22.1. We have attached the output .msg file with this post for your kind reference. (1.3 KB)