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Getting EffectiveTabs from a TextHolder

Hi Everyone!

Does anybody know how to get effective tabs from a TextHolder?

So… are there any ideas? And is it possible at all? If not… should I write it as a bug report?

Tabs and EffectiveTabs are not implemented for TetHolders.

Can you please implement it ASAP, we need it urgently. Please tell us when can you do it for us?

Dear Alexey,
Please, fix this bug ASAP and send us the update.
This is a matter of high importance for us.
I’m sure you know what deadline is.
You can contact me via MSN to get more information.

Best regards Kirill.

Tabs have been implemented and will be published today.

I understand you need it asap because of deadline but you should know too.

Bugs and unimplemented features are not the same things and have different priority.

Thank you very much Wink [;)]
You are doing WELL!!! Yes [Y]