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Getting error in creating thumbnail from pdf


We have pdf document, we would like to show a thumbnail image of the first page.

We are using aspose.pdf-3.0.1.jdk15.jar, aspose-pdf-kit-4.1.0.jar

we have jdk1.5 environment.
please find attached pdf which we are using.

We are using below code to generate thumbnail.

PdfConverter converter = new PdfConverter();


System.out.println(“image pdf trying to create”);

//set start and end pages




System.out.println(“image pdf successfully generated2222”);

String prefix = “D:/”;

String suffix = “sssss.png”;

int imageCount = 1;

while (converter.hasNextImage())


System.out.println(“image pdf successfully generated11111”);

converter.getNextImage(prefix + imageCount + suffix, ImageType.PNG);




We are getting error.

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: TRACKING

at com.aspose.pdf.kit.ks.a(Unknown Source)

at com.aspose.pdf.kit.lg.a(Unknown Source)

at Source)

at com.aspose.pdf.kit.qy.a(Unknown Source)

at Source)

at Source)

at com.aspose.pdf.kit.lg.a(Unknown Source)

at Source)

at Source)

at com.aspose.pdf.kit.lg.a(Unknown Source)

at com.aspose.pdf.kit.js.a(Unknown Source)

at com.aspose.pdf.kit.PdfConverter.doConvert(Unknown Source)

at Test111.main(

Hi Saurabh,

I have reproduced this problem at my end and logged it as PDFKITJAVA-33154 in our issue tracking system. Our team will look into this issue and you’ll be updated via this forum thread once it is resolved.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as PDFKITJAVA-33154) have been fixed in Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java 4.4.0.

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