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Getting Exchange ID for email

I am trying to retrieve the exchange id (not the RFC message id) for an email. There is no method for that in the ExchangeMessageInfo object so I thought it might be in the Properties. But now I’m having problems with them.

I’m attempting to print all the properties by using:

MapiPropertyCollection prop = msgInfo.getProperties();
IGenericCollection keys = prop;

Then looping through the collection. But no matter how I try, I can’t get IGenericCollection imported. The doc says it’s:


but that gives me an error.

Welcome to our community! Thank you for the query. It will take me a while to find this information. I will answer you as soon as possible.


Could you provide more information about what the “exchange id” is, please?

To investigate this case on our side and help you properly, please share and specify the following:

  • email file
  • comprehensive code example reproducing the error
  • version of Aspose.Email you used

But first, please check the issue using the latest version of Aspose.Email.

The exchange id is a unique tag that specifies an email/folder combination. If two ids are the same, they are the same email in the same folder. An example:


However, the question is about viewing properties. I simply want to examine the properties of an email. You can reproduce the error with a simple:


According to your documents, that should be correct.

I am using aspose-email-21.3-java

Please try to use the following:


Could share a link to this document, please?

Look at the definitions of get_Keys(), get_Values() and getKeys().

OK, the import you gave me worked and it proved that the EWS id was not in the properties. Is this something I can get from your package?

Thank you for the confirmation. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. We will fix the API Reference.

I logged the issue in our tracking system with ID EMAILJAVA-34887. Our development team will find out this possibility. I will inform you of any progress.

Our development team investigated your requirement. You can get the exchange id as below:


API Reference: ExchangeMessageInfo Class

That did the trick. I should note that I had looked at this method earlier, but did not make the connection. Perhaps the description could be enhanced?

Yes, you are right. The description of this method will be improved later.