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Getting "PptReadException was unhandled"

Hi. I am getting :

Aspose.Slides.PptReadException was unhandled
Message="Couldn't read "Current User" record."

when creating a new Slides.Presentation instance. I am getting this error on 35 presentations out of a collection of about 7500 presentations, and they all appear to open in Microsoft PowerPoint without error.

The inner exception is:

{"Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown."}


at Aspose.Slides.Presentation.઼(༮ ઽ)

Can anyone help?


Dear Roger,

Can you please try resaving these presentations using “Save As…” menu option in MS-PowerPoint and then read back using Aspose.Slides? Then see does this exception occur again?

I am asking you to do it, because sometimes presentations inner structure is broken, which MS-PowerPoint can rectify on the fly but Aspose.Slides cannot rectify it.