Getting server exception



We are getting the following server exception :

Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.aspose.pdf.internal.p777.z33
at com.aspose.pdf.internal.p777.z6.m25(Unknown Source)
at com.aspose.pdf.Color.getBlack(Unknown Source)
at com.aspose.pdf.GraphInfo.(Unknown Source)
at com.aspose.pdf.Page.(Unknown Source)
at com.aspose.pdf.PageCollection.getUnrestricted(Unknown Source)
at com.aspose.pdf.PageCollection.m1(Unknown Source)
at com.aspose.pdf.PageCollection.m1(Unknown Source)
at com.aspose.pdf.PageCollection$ Source)
at com.aspose.pdf.ApsUsingConverter.m1(Unknown Source)
at com.aspose.pdf.ApsUsingConverter.m2(Unknown Source)
at com.aspose.pdf.z58.m1(Unknown Source)
at com.aspose.pdf.ADocument.m1(Unknown Source)

This exception is random . When we deploy the build again , the exception does not come.

Can you please point to the root cause. As we cannot control this random behaviour which leads to bugs in the production system.

Aspose pdf version used : 17.10



Thank you for contacting support.

You are using quite old and outdated version of the API so please upgrade to Aspose.PDF for Java 19.7 and then share if you still notice any issue. You may contact our sales team over Purchase Forum for further information about upgrade. Moreover, we also offer free 30 days temporary license to evaluate the products in their full capacity prior purchase.

If the issue still occurs then share your source files along with SSCCE code so that we may try to reproduce and investigate it in our environment.