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Getting specific Date "Field" values from a Pattern

I need a number of dates from the date range, without having to build the entire set.

  • First Date
  • Last Date
  • First Date After Now
  • First Date Before Now

    Is there any way to do this? If i want the last date, i have to
    generate the entire list, in which case, if no end is specified, i end
    up having my entire process lock up while it generates.

    The date scales i am working with vary dramaticaly from over three times a day, to less than once a year.

    Generating a 10 year bracket either side of the occurence is really not helpful if i have to “simulate” an first and last.



It is not possible to just get last and first dates. The algorithm has to loop starting from the first occurrence and from what I know there is no other way.