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Getting text of headers & footers

I’m trying to read the text of a footer, date, and slide number field. I can’t find any way to do this. Any suggestions?

Dear mrand01,

TextFrames on the MainMaster where SlideNumberPosition or DateTimePosition or GenericDatePosition or HeaderPosition or FooterPosition >= 0.
It will allow you to get position of special text inserted to the frame but you can’t read this text yet.

when do you plan on adding this ability?

Hi Alexey!

I can't get FooterPosition, HeaderPosition, SlideNumberPosition (always return -1).

Dear CAV,

Try to open Presentatio1.ppt for example (you sent me a few days ago).

MainMaster has 6 shapes.
Shape with slide number (Shapes[2]) has TextFrame with “*” instead of text and
SlideNumberPosition property equal to 0.

Hi Alexey!

Why the value of HeaderFooter.IsPageNumberVisible is always false and TextFrame.DateTimePosition always -1? Please check it out.

Please see the attached ppt file.

Dear CAV,

Please try GenericDatePosition instead of DateTimePosition.
Ppt files have both fields and I didn’t understand yet when these fields should be used.

Problem with IsPageNumberVisible has been fixed. I’ll publish new hot fix today.

Hi Alexey!

How can I get pagenumber ("4") in attached ppt file?

Dear CAV,

I don’t have simple solution yet but will find it in a couple of days.