Grammatical errors while converting Chinese language document to PDF


We are using Aspose PDF dll version for converting word document to PDF. The word document is fine & is in Chinese language. Following are the issues we are facing:

  1. Full-stop (’.’) is moved to the next line.
  2. Lines beginning with ( ‘)’ or ‘,’ ).
  3. Some words are moved to the next line even if they can come in the same line. Especially where line contain some English & some Chinese words.




Thanks for your inquiry. As I can see you use old method of PDF conversion. Currently the latest version of Aspose.Words supports two ways of PDF conversion: direct conversion (without using Aspose.Pdf) and legacy conversion (Aspose.Words+Aspose.Pdf). See the following link for more information:
You should note that we will exclude legacy (old) method of PDF conversion in one of our future versions. Also no new issues will be fixed in the legacy method. Please try using new SaveToPdf method. Here is the code:

Document doc = new Document("in.doc");

Also could you please attach your input document here for testing?
Please feel free to ask me in case of any issues.
Best regards,