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Graph.Axis scale MinValue


How can I set the "Graph.Axis scale MinValue" to Auto?

Thank you,


Hi Cristian,

Do you use Aspose.Excel? If you don't set anything to axis MinValue, it's auto.

Thank you VERRY MUCH!

It's works!



I already sad that works, but if I have multiple graphs on the the same worksheet it works very random, chaotic.

60-70% of my graphs are ok, but the rest start from 0.

How can I force it to auto?


Could you please post the following materials here?

1. You sample code

2. Created file by Aspose.Excel

3. The sample file which you wish to get

That will help us to know your needs. Thank you.


I found what is the real problem: when in a series is missing a value, the graph take it as zero value. So the axis value start from zero.

How can I fix it?

It is any way to say to ignore a missing value?



Please manually create a chart in MS Excel as your wish. That will help us to see how to serve your need.