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Graph - it is possible to obtain / print the raw request & response

I am successfully using the Graph feature to access user mailbox data (thank you!). But I was wondering if there is any way to obtain the http request and response. The MS GraphAPI Test UI exposes the Rest requests and responses - but I can’t see how the Aspose api forms its API calls.
Or can I add my own query parameters not via the Query Builder - or does it have a fixed format?
GraphMessagePageInfo msgPgInfo = client.listMessages(folderToQuery, new PageInfo(500), “SOME QUERY PARAMETERS”).
Similarly, the email data that the listMessages returns is quite limited. Is it possible to pass a parameter to set the headers/values that you would wish to get back in the email collection? I have to obtain the whole email every time to determine if it is one (a non-delivery report) that I need to process.

Also - it would be useful to add in your documentation how to handle Proxy Timeout. In this test routine (written in ‘Groovy’) if the Timeout occurs (or any other error is raised) then it simply loops up to 3 times:

for (i=0; i<3; i++) {
      try {
        msgPgInfo = client.listMessages(folderToQuery, msgPgInfo.getNextPage(), gqb.query);
      } catch (e) { //typically AsposeBadServerResponceException: Server error [504] Operation failed.: 504/Gateway Timeout
        println e
        sleep 15000
    if (i==3) {//do something to terminate the app}

I have seen a 500 error when fetching an email

Hello @mbeedell,

Did I understand correctly your post contains multiple requests for GraphClient?

  • obtain raw REST request/response
  • add custom query parameters not via the QueryBuilder
  • option to request certain properties for the MessageInfo
  • add info to documentation how to handle Proxy Timeout


Sort of. Aspose makes it very easy to use Graph for Email - that is really nice. But it is less clear how it does it - and thus difficult to determine how the current Aspose API maps to the GraphAPI. And then to understand if it is possible to include extra Graph query string or POST values via the Aspose API that would refine the results for efficiency or similar.
Nevertheless, I have managed to create a script that uses Aspose to scan over 200,000 emails and handle them - all without needing to worry about Token management.
So maybe I just need some further understanding more than anything.
Thank you.


I have created the EMAILNET-40915 ticket to implement your requests.