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Graphs in PowerPoint


Does any Aspose tool currently support creating graphs in PowerPoint together with the graph’s underlying datagrid?

Basically, I need to allow web users to create a graph in PowerPoint that they can use as a kind of template. The user must be able to edit the graph they’ve created by changing the data in the graph’s underlying datagrid.

Is this supported?
If not, is this something that is in the pipeline or should I look elsewhere? If so, any ideas who does this sort of thing?

Many thanks.

Dear mecED,

I’m sorry but unfortunately there is no way to write presentation with graph and datagrid as OLE object. I can only suggest to allow users edit graph data outside PowerPoint and after that generate charts and insert it to the presentation as image.


Just to revisit this post, has there been any progress on Aspose being able to generate a graph with it’s underlying datagrid yet?

There are several other posts asking whether this is or will be possible as obviously this feature would be extremely useful and powerful, especially in a corporate reporting application.

Any news or new plans to develop this feature?

Dear mecEd,

Probably we will integrate Aspose.PowerPoint and Aspose.Excel to use Excel Charts in a presentations.


Has there been any further development on this issue?


Dear Ed,

We are doing last research yet before starting real development.

Hi Alexey

Has there been any progress on this implementation? Any time estimates as far as release dates go?

I’m eagerly awaiting the release of this functionality as it will solve SO many problems for me.

Thanks again…

Any progress yet?
Do you have a possible release date?

It would be nice to be able to modify the contents of a graph that already exists in a presentation.

Please check new release. It’s possible to change content of OLE object now.
To change Excel Charts you can use Aspsoe.Excel.

Was this a reply to me?

If so, does that mean the latest release can create charts with their datasheets in a presentation?

You can create Excel Chart with Aspose.Excel and replace existing Excel Chart in a presentation.
Add new chart is not possible yet. I’m working with it just now.

Is there any documentation on this that gives instructions on how to do this?
Or possibly a working example?

I need to know that my requirements can be met before I purchase the product(s).

I’m sorry, examples are not ready yet.

We are planning to create it after implementing full support for adding Excel Charts.

Ok, that’s understandable.

Are you able to tell me when you expect to have this functionality ready?

alcrus wrote:
Please check new release. It's possible to change content of OLE object now.
To change Excel Charts you can use Aspsoe.Excel.

I have a given PowerPoint template with a number of charts already created within the template. Based on your reply above, are you saying that it is now possible for me to change the data within an existing chart in a PowerPoint presentation?

So essentially I need to do the following:

1. retrieve data from the database
2. open the existing PowerPoint template
3. find the right chart based on a variable
4. update the chart datasheet with the retrieved data
5. delete all unused slides in the template
6. save the template and send to the user

If this is now possible, which Aspose products will I need to accomplish this process?

Is anyone able to answer my query? Indifferent

Sorry, I can’t answer these days quickly.

Yes, now it’s possible. You need Aspose.PowerPoint and Aspose.Excel.

But only one comment. Image of chart will not be updated (only data).

You should open ppt file with MS PowerPoint and update it (open and close chart).

Ok, I suppose that’s a limitation I can live with for now.

Many thanks for your help on this. Cool