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GridDesktop.ExportExcelFile - Duplicate Sheet Name Exception

I’m using a grid desktop to enter data for multiple apartments. There will always be a summary sheet first, and then one to x number of worksheets based on the number of apartments tested. Now sometimes there will be two apartment numbers that are the same. So to prevent duplicate names, I name the sheets in the following format:

Address - Apartment# - Unit# - Sheet#

The sheet number is the index number of the sheet in the grid desktop control. The summary sheet is always the first sheet (index 0). However, when I try to use the ExportExcelFile I get an exception saying duplicate sheet name, however there can’t be a duplicate name because of the sheet #. What am I missing here? I really don’t want to have to write export code if I can get this method to work. Thanks in advanced for any help.



Well, in MS Excel, you cannot set name for the worksheet more than 31 characters, you can test this in MS Excel manually. So, probably it is quite possible that you are using more than 31 characters to set name for the worksheet as you have mentioned the format of setting the sheet names like:
Address - Apartment# - Unit# - Sheet#.

If you still could not evaluate the issue and the above case is not the case with you, kindly post you sample code or sample application to show the issue here, we will check it soon.

Thank you.

I was not aware of this limitation with Excel. I will try putting the sheet index number first so that the first 31 character should be unique. I will let you know how if it works.

I changed the location of the sheet index and it worked properly…thanks for the help.