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GridWeb - export to excel and load it from Apache-POI


During evaluation of your GridWeb product (for .NET) we found another critical bug for us.

We need to load Excel file (exported form .NET GridWeb control) using Apache POI library (

In case of version 3.2 of POI, we get the following exception: Cannot remove block[ -1 ]; out of range[ 0 - 10 ]

In case of version 3.7 of POI, we get the following warning:
Warning, header block comes after data blocks in POIFS block listing
Probably there is something wrong with excel file generated by your GridWeb control

Please look at line 195 in this file In this situation excel file probably won’t be read to the end.

Unfortunately, we have to use POI in version 3.2 (another 3rd party application uses it), so we hope that you fix this bug.

Best Regards


It seems that version of GridWeb was the last good one. Problem described by me occurs from version



Thanks for the sample codes and template files.

We will try to investigate your issue and get back to you soon. But, a simple opening the generated Excel files “book.xls” (by GridWeb) open fine into MS Excel. I have tested opening the files into MS Excel 2003, 2007/2010, MS Excel opens them fine. We are bound to fix any issue if MS Excel prompts some errors or denies to open a file into it.

Anyways, we need further investigation on why POI APIs set has issues opening the file. We will check it soon. A ticket is added already for our investigation with an id: CELLSNET-31264.

Thank you