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Gridweb sometime positioning the excel graphical objects incorrectly

dear support,

I have seen this issue several times in the past, tyhe porblem is that the excel graphical components are sometimes misplaced on the gridweb.

I have appended a project and the source excel files.
When clicking button2, file test_without_IP21.xlsx is loaded in the gridweb1.

The location of the resulting webpage is sometimes different, as the graphical information is sometimes placed on a different location. See attached word document.
I dont see this behaviour on all excel sheets - in this example it does not happen when file integral.xlsx is loaded, but it sometimes happens when loading test_without_IP21.xlsx,

One reason for this might be that my excel graph uses a named range for getting the graph data, whilst the other one uses only a fixed range.

It also doe snot happen always.

I have tried to inspect the reuslting html code, but cant find the reason. In attachment, I have appended the underlying html code when the object is properly positioned, and when the object is incorrectly positioned

Please have a look at this - i am struggling with this a long tiome already,

Hi Guido,

Thank you for sharing the sample application.

We have evaluated the presented case, and we are unable to replicate the problem as shown in your provided document. Please note, the chart’s image from the spreadsheet “test_without_IP21.xlsx” always renders between the cells E4 to N27. We are still working on this scenario, and we will keep you posted with updates in this regard. However, we would require the version of your Chrome installation as it seems from the attached document that you are performing the tests on the Chrome browser.

I have been using Google Chrome version ersie 39.0.2171.71 m.

I guess that is the latest version.

The results on Firefox and Safari are even much worse - only part of the information is displayed ( see attached document ) ??? but that is another problem…

You have sometimes to try ten times before the proplem occurs, but then it can happen 5 times in a row.

My webserver is IIS, runnning on a 64 bit Windows 7.

I have developed using Visual Studio Express 2012.

If you want, I can host a webex to show you - I have been struggling with this for weeks now


Hi Guido,

Thank you for your kind response.

I have the same version of Chrome installed on my Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit environment. However, I have been testing the case in IISExpress within the Visual Studio 2013. I will re-evaluate the scenario by publishing the website in order to replicate the problem on my side, and will keep you posted with updates in this regard.

Hi Guido,

Thank you for your patience.

I am afraid, even after simulating your environment and trying for several times, we are still unable to replicate the said problem. We have discussed this matter with the product team, and we believe that the best approach to replicate & troubleshoot this scenario would be to host your application on a public server. This way we can navigate the project as well as have access to the source code for investigation purposes.

Please let us know if the above requested is feasible for you.

thnaks for looking into this problem. It is really weird as it does not happen always.

After our mails on friday, I have decided to stick with version 8.2 for now, which does not show this problem.
All of my applications work with this version, and I need to deliver to the client, so there is no more time to test out things.

So I will pause the continuous migration of my code for half a year or so. At taht stage, I will migrate to the latest evrsion and will re-open a call if the problem still exists.

Thnak you for your great support !!

Hi Guido,

We are sorry, we were not of much help for this scenario as we are unable to replicate problem on our end. Anyway, we will be keep looking into the issue to replicate and isolate the problem cause to provide the fix with future release of Aspose.Cells.GridWeb component (if applicable).