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Group data using group:normal with noadd Smart Markers in .NET

In one of my cell in excel file the variable is declared as &=Name(group:normal,noadd). So whats is the use of group:normal,noadd ?
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Probably you are talking about Smart Markers’ grouping data features. Aspose.Cells smart markers allow you to group your data by field(s) and place summary rows in between data sets or data groups. For example, if grouping data by Customers.CustomerID, you can add a summary record every time the group changes.

While grouping data in Smart Markers, we have the following parameters:

Following are some of the smart marker parameters used for grouping data.

We support three types of group that you can choose between.

normal - The group by field(s) value is not be repeated for the corresponding records in the column; instead they are printed once per data group.
merge - The same behavior as for the normal parameter, except that it merges the cells in the group by field(s) for each group set.
repeat - The group by field(s) value is repeated for the corresponding records.


Regarding “noadd”, it is also a parameter that can be used in Smart Markers. see the description of the parameter:
noadd - Do not add extra rows to fit data. It means no rows blank rows are inserted so the existing rows are used to fill data into the cells when the markers are processed.

Please see the document / article for your complete reference:

Thank you.