Grouped checkboxes



When setting the value for grouped checkboxes, the checkboxes that are not set are no longer visible. They are still there and can be checked (if you know where they are) and once checked become visible, but initially are not visible.

For example, i have grouped checkboxes named ‘Gender’ and one has the export value of ‘male’ and the other has the export value of ‘female’. If you open the pdf form without setting them you see both checkboxes unchecke - which is good. If you set the value of ‘Gender’ to ‘male’ only the male checkbox is shown (and checked of course). If you set it to ‘female’ only the female checkbox is shown.

I used the code: objPDFFile.FillField(“Gender”, “male”)


Dear Shame,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Form.

I have just tested the problem you said. But it worked well in my machine.
You could read this wiki
You could download the template pdf and code. Please note that both the field name and value is case sensitive.

If the problem still ocurrs, please send me the complete code and the template pdf.

Best regards.



Just wondering if you have managed to find a solution to this problem?

Cheers, Ian.


Dear Shame,

Sorry for that I haven’t found a good way to solve the problem since the compatible problem is a difficult problem.
I will look into this problem since I must sovle the problem of the compatiblity with the Adobe Designer 7.0.
If I have solved it, I will inform you in this post.

Best regards.