Handwriting,Image size,Font size

Please give me inputs in the following queries.

  1. Is ASPOSE.OCR supporting handwriting text?
  2. What is the minimum requirement image and font size for the OCR?



Thank you for your inquiry. Handwriting detection is not supported by Aspose.OCR at the moment. Aspose.OCR currently supports Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, Tahoma, Calibri and Verdana fonts in Regular, Bold and Italic font styles. The supported languages are English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Regarding image size, you may use a minimum of 300 DPI for better recognition. You can use a font size of 12 or above.
We hope that this answered your question. Please feel free to contact us if additional information is required.

Thanks for your response .

Let me know about my first query
Is ASPOSE.OCR supporting handwriting text?


Aspose.OCR does not support handwriting recognition at the moment. Please feel free to reach us in case of additional queries. We will be more than happy to assist you further.