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Having problems using the Trial (.NET) Aspose.Excel component with a Complex XLT


I am having problems adding a simple worksheet to an Complex XLT.

Basically the process of the application is.

Admin uploads XLT to website.

XLT sits there until a user decides to download it.

On download the Aspose.Excel component adds a worksheet and adds 4 named cell ranges into this worksheet.

.NET streams the file to the browser.

This works fine with a blank XLT, but adds random characters to the top
of each worksheet - this adds a difficulty into testing whether the
component is corrupting the spreadsheet.

Now, Im not sure whether your component is working properly on the real XLT because
when saving the modified XLT and saving it back out to disk it appears to truncates the file from 11MB (Source) to 4.8 MB

I cant send the XLT to you unfortunately, the client i am working on
behalf of forbids it. The core developers do have 1 problem with their
side which could be affecting the component, however, I would expect
the component to throw an exception if it encountered a problem.

Do you provide a 30 day fully working demo, without adding the garbage to the cells?

Best Regards,


Garbage text is an evaluation limitation.To get a 30 day temp license, please post your request at .

For truncate data issue, it may caused by:

1. A bug of Aspose.Excel. To figure it out, your template file is needed. We can sign an NDA.

2. Problem in your template file or your program, we also need to get your sample code and file to figure it out.

When Aspose.Excel meets problem in your file, it will:

1. Try to import data from the file as many as possible. This is same as MS Excel to make our component more compatitable.

2. Throw an Exception if we cannot handle it.

And which version are you using? Is it the latest v3.5.3?

Hi Laurence,

Thanks for your quick response.

It is the latest version of the component available on your website (3.5.3)

I will push these guys to get this xlt released to you to have a look over, but I want to 100% verify that their core developer has no internal XLT errors before I get it sent to you.

Many thanks,


I just released v3.6 yesterday. You can try it.

Please verify XLT files are correct. That will minimize the turnaround overhead.