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HD preview of CAD files

I used your team’s Aspose.CAD for java product and felt very good, but I encountered some problems: I converted the dwg file to pdf or jpeg, the file can be converted successfully, but the resolution of pdf or jpeg is not high, and it is not clear after zooming in. I can’t see it clearly, I look forward to high-definition display, similar to using a special CAD software tool to preview, I wonder if it can be achieved?
The code I use is from: https://github.com/aspose-cad/Aspose.CAD-for-Java
Attached are: source file and converted file
500dwg.zip (1.0 MB)
500.jpeg (59.5 KB)
500.pdf (578.3 KB)

Also, I tried using GroupDocs.Viewer to take advantage of online conversions:
https://products.groupdocs.app/viewer/total, but the discovery is not very clear, only the general outline can be seen

Hello. We have created CADJAVA-10630 to look at this in details, hope to have more information for you in next few days about this.

Ok, thank you very much, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

you can improve pdf a bit using different line width and text nomralization:


for (int i = 0, size = cadImage.getLayers().size(); i < size; i++)
    CadLayerTable layer = (CadLayerTable) cadImage.getLayers().get_Item(i);
    layer.setLineWeight((short) 0);

But we don’t think this is possible to make high quality raster image for such big drawing, e.g. size of the text is too small compared to the entire drawing, it will be distorted anyway. You can just get better quality with the increasing of the picture.

You mean that we can get basic preview content after conversion through Aspose.CAD, but we can’t get high quality raster images, or something like vector graphics, right?

Yes, I just would not like to look at this case as separate “preview” mode, as the conversion is required for the preview. But we need to put somehow vector image into raster canvas, vector image is huge in this case to rasterize into any reasonable picture size to get nice quality. But you can split the drawing into multiple raster images, for example.

Thank you very much.
Excuse me, does GroupDocs.Editor work better when previewing CAD files?
I have used GroupDocs.Viewer and experienced it online before, and I feel that the preview effect is average (https://products.groupdocs.app/viewer/total)

Does GroupDocs.Editor support CAD file preview? I don’t see any relevant information on the official website

no, GroupDocs.Editor does not support CAD files, only Viewer. Let me come back with more information about Viewer a bit later.

I would like to confirm again, only GroupDocs.Viewer and Aspose.CAD in Aspose’s series support CAD file preview?

yes and you can try also https://products.aspose.app/cad/viewer. But situation is similar for all viewers here - you may set bigger size manually for Aspose.CAD and export to PNG, add color with options or modify drawing as I showed above. Or you may use our viewers with some already predefined options and export functionality.