Header and Footer margin and image issue when converting word to pdf

I am trying to convert word document into pdf using Aspose.Word(version 21.12.0) package, converted pdf file is having margin and image enlarge issues in header and footer section.

My C# code is below .

License license = new License();
Document doc = new Document("Sample.docx");           

Kindly assist me to fix these issues

Capture.JPG (79.3 KB)
Output.pdf (146.2 KB)
Sample.docx (51.3 KB)

@ShafeerAli I was managed to reproduce your issue on my side. I have logged it as WORDSNET-23606 in our defect tracking system. We will keep you informed and let you know once it is resolved.

Please let me know the tentative ETA for this issue, So that I can communicate to my stockholders.


@ShafeerAli The issue is currently in the que for analysis. Once the issue is analyzed we will provide you more information. Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot share any ETA for this defect.

@alexey.noskov This ticket is high priority to our stockholders. we have been waiting for this fix for last three months.
Please let us know the status of ticket

@ShafeerAli The issue turned to be quite complex one and currently we cannot promise you a fix date. The originally reported issue is related to the fact that Aspose.Words does not properly mimic MS Word behavior when importing altChunks in your document. This problem is planned to be fixed in the next 22.8 version of Aspose.Words.
However, after the fix in altChunks import, there is another issue with table layout upon rendering document to PDF. A separate issue has been created for this problem WORDSNET-23978. This issue is related to another big issue WORDSNET-832. This issue is about implementation table grid calculation mechanism, which mimics MS Word behavior. This work is in progress, but this MS Word behavior is not documented it is quite time consuming work.

@alexey.noskov : Please share current status of the ticket.

@ShafeerAli Unfortunately, both issues are still not resolved. The issue WORDSNET-23978 is postponed and is not yet scheduled for development.
The attempt to fix WORDSNET-23606 was not quite successful and the issue has been returned to analysis.

This is a high priority issue for us, this ticket was raised a year ago. Please share status of the ticket.

@ShafeerAli Unfortunately, both issues are still postponed:
WORDSNET-23606 - Postponed until we implement the new HTML import mode that copies MS Word’s behavior (import MsoHtml) in WORDSNET-10399.
WORDSNET-23978 - Postponed until the main WORDSNET-832 (table grid calculation algorithm) issue is resolved. Currently the logic is not applied to the problematic table because inline DML shape metrics are not considered reliable.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-23978) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for .NET 23.7 update also available on NuGet.