Header Font and Carriage Return


I have having trouble putting a carraige return into a string in the pageSetup Header. I tried “\n” with no luck, it just prints "\n."

Also the example for changing the font does not work for me.

pageSetup.SetHeader(1, “TEST TEXT &“Courier New”&14 123”)

Is giving me an error in my .NET code saying character constant must contain exactly one character.

BTW I’m evaluating this product for a client and am building a test page for them.


There are some error in VB sample code of programmer’s guide. I will fix it.

Please change you code to:

pagesetup.SetHeader(1, “TEST” + vbCrLf + “TEXT &”“Courier New”"&14 123")

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Thanks for the reply, Font size doesn’t seem to be working here’s my code

pageSetup.SetHeader(2, vbCrLf + “Test Text &”“Monospac821 BT”"&8")


Please put the font setting before your text. Try this:

pagesetup.SetHeader(2, vbCrLf + “&”“Monospac821 BT”"&8 Test Text")