Header footer is not display when merge from other document

I am licensed user of Aspose (arvind.bhatt2@halliburton.com). I have 2 document. Source Document A and destination document B. Both document have its own h/f. After mail merging separately A and B i am merging the all nodes of A to B using composite node of B as parent and adding node of A as child (using InserAfter method). Problem is that after adding all child of A the final document doesn’t contain h/f of A.
I want to h/f information of A in to B in same way as other child is added.
Doc B
start doc B
…parent node…
(h/f of A should here for all corresponding page)
All child node of A
end doc B

Hi Arvind,

Thanks for your inquiry. In your case, I suggest you please use the following code snippet to merge documents. Hope this helps you.

Document dstDoc = new Document(MyDir + "doc1.docx");
Document srcDoc = new Document(MyDir + "doc2.docx");
srcDoc.FirstSection.PageSetup.SectionStart = SectionStart.Continuous;
dstDoc.AppendDocument(srcDoc, ImportFormatMode.KeepSourceFormatting);
dstDoc.Save(MyDir + "out.docx");

Please read the following documentation links for your kind reference.