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I realize i just signed up [8-|] But i am looking for examples that use Word templates. In your Documentation files, did you not save the files a DOT files instead using the DOC extension? I do see the field names in them so i assume you just left it an empty DOC with field names.

Is there a Quickstart Guide? we are really impressed with these products and if the presentation works out, will buy atleast 6 components. I am primarily interested in the Aspose.Word Object. I think your samples seem simple enough and with out sounding like a simpleton, is it reall that easy? Define the Doc Location, Feed in the Field names, get the data from the database and Boom, there it is?

Sorry to ask such newbie questions i guess i just expected it to be harder to fill in a Word Doc (You know like the Old VB6 Routines?)

thanks in advance
Eddie B.



First of all, thank you for considering Aspose and our products.

We're going to create a quickstart guide soon. For the time being you can look at the demo project since there is simple code and lots of explanations. Also, look at the API documentation. Almost each type or its member has a code sample.

You're right, all the operations supported by Aspose.Word (generation document dynamically, performing mail merge, extracting different parts of document etc) are really easy to implement. The object model of the component is intuitively understood. For instance, have a look how easily a simple document could be generated:

Document doc = new Document();

DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

builder.Font.Size = 48;

builder.Font.Color = Color.ForestGreen;

builder.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = ParagraphAlignment.Center;

builder.Writeln("Hello, Ed!");




thanks for responding. I did reformat one of the examples to suit my needs and i cant believe how easy it was. Thanks for such a great product. I look forward to purchasing this item as well as others on your list. Please hurry with the quick start guide, i think it is the only thing missing from a GREAT Product!!!


Great suggestion.

We noticed QuickStart is most demanded but we failed to provide it due to lack of tools and technical writing resources.

Now it’s almost ready. Aspose.Wiki is our tool to make technical documents. Now we have QuickStart for Aspose.Report. More will be coming soon.



I agreed. I think you guys are missing a Quick Start. It takes me a long time to decide where to start when i am new to this product. The API reference is for reference, after we know some basic.


Shu Yih