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Help! Merging Presentations

In the application I am writing, I need to combine several smaller PowerPoint presentations into a single larger presentation. In Microsoft PowerPoint, I can do this using the menu "Insert" -> "Slides From File" option. I cannot figure out how todo this using Aspose.PowerPoint.

Ideally, I would like a to copy slides from one ppt to another ppt. Alternatively, I could probably use some sort of merge function that would combine all the slides from 2 different ppt's into a single ppt.

Any chance of getting something like this?


I should point out - that I have tried the Presentation.CloneSlide method and that only works for slides within the same presentation. It would be great if that could be expanded to work with slides from other presentations.

I also noticed the SaveToSVG method for individual slides. Another interesting possiblity would be to add a LoadFromSVG so that you could save to a stream and then load from that stream in a different presentation.

Presentation class has 2 CloneSlide methods. And it can clone slides from other presentations.

Please check CloneSlide demo. It shows how to copy all slides from one presentation to another.

Excellent! that is exactly what I needed. I must have overlooked the overloaded method after the first one I tried failed...working too many late nights I guess.

The example project was very helpful as it shows changing the slide masters as well!