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Help reqd opening/uploading templates and 5096 error!


I am using the Aspose Word Template that contains VB Scripts that interacts with the Webservice to pull up the drop-down from db table and that the user will use to generate tables, fields in the templates, so far so good.

I store the Webservice name, Template Id and other parameters in the Custom tab. The functionality works in some of the developers system and in some system to make it work we have to keep a dummy document open and then keep the Macro's script editor also open in order for that to work. Do you know why this is happening?

Also, when in the production, the users get a 5096 error, the generated template resides in an Upload directory of our main project, for which we have given write access in IIS. We take the generated template dump into our tables and then delete the file from that folder on the same session. Everything works fine in development and in test servers.

Kindly let me know if you require further explanations.




Thanks for your request.

Sorry, Aspose.Words doesn't deal with macros in any way. It does preserve them but does not modify or corrupt so I have nothing to advise as to this point. Does Custom tab mean custom document properties? Do you have any problems accessing them via Aspose.Words?

Could you please also describe what the 5096 error is? Are you sure Aspose.Words causes it?