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Help Urgent! Cannot append into word documents saved as Word97-2003 & 6.0/95-RTF (*.doc)

Hi Romank,

I have met with another problem

my code failed when it is used with a word document saved in the format of Word97-2003 & 6.0/95-RTF

My code as below, pDocPath is the path name of the file, e,g c:\abc.doc

Aspose.Word.Document docTemplate = new Aspose.Word.Document(pDocPath);

However this code above will hit an exception "c:\abc.doc already exists"

Can advise me on this issue? Really need to solve this as my client is slicing off my head.

Even if you saved it with .doc extension it is an RTF file, you can open it Notepad and see for yourself.

Aspose.Word cannot open RTF files yet, although we are working on RTF import and export.

You really need to save into binary DOC format, not RTF.