HELP Using SlideLayout API in Java for Aspose.Slides


I am new with using Aspose. I am using the SlideLayout for ‘TITLE_AND_TWO_COLUMNS’. I would like add text to the area designated for the title. Also, I would like to a bulleted list to the left column and a picture (or art) to the right column. Will using Placeholders allow for me to do this? If so, how should I approach this. Does anyone have any examples that I may use for doing this in Java? Thanks!


I’d suggest to read Programmer’s Guide in the wiki at first.

To add and change double body slide and change text you can write something like this:

Presentation pres = new Presentation();

Slide sl = pres.addDoubleBodySlide();

if (sl.getPlaceholders().get(0) instanceof TextHolder) {
TextHolder th = (TextHolder)sl.getPlaceholders().get(0);
th.Text = “Title”;
if (sl.getPlaceholders().get(1) instanceof TextHolder) {

TextHolder th = (TextHolder)sl.getPlaceholders().get(1);

th.Text = “Left body”;


How to add picture to a slide please check wiki. It has a lot of examples.