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Hide layers from printing to pdf


My dxf drawing has multiple layers eg: (L1, L2, L3…L10).
While printing to pdf I need following
Hide Layer L1 and L3 (means all entityies in Layer L1 and L3 would not be shown)
How can I achieve the same

Thanks Pranav


Can you please share the requirements in the form of source DXF and desired output.

Find attached source dxf file
here while printing to pdf,

  1. I want to hide layer “DYNAMIC TEXT” from the java program.
  2. Also the layers which are in hidden state in dxf should also be not printed

I have attached output pdfMISO-GA-BP-CW with hidden layers.pdf (22.3 KB)
MISO-GA-BP-CW for (112.9 KB)


I have created an issue with ID CADJAVA-864 in our issue tracking system as investigation to further explore the requirements shared by you. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed.