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Higher resolution on visuals (graphs, charts, etc)

Hello, in SSRS slides, how do I increase the resolution on the visualization? It comes out rather blurry right now.

Thank you


The exports from RDL to PPTX are done as the things are available in RDL file. There are no options to configure. Can you please confirm if the export to TIFF or PDF is rendered fine or they are blurred too? If the export to PDF and TIFF are fine but blurring effect is there in PowerPoint presentation then please share the RDL with data source, generated PPTX, PDF and TIFF files for analysis on our end.

Hello - I meant in the config file, is there a place to specify resolution. I vaguely remember you can change res. in the config file in the past. Thank you


I am afraid there are no such settings that is available with Aspose.Slides to configure. We can investigate the issue of blurring of charts and graphs on our end. For that we need the previously requested information. If you cannot share the RDL, you can share the RPL export of your RDL with us along with other requested information.