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How about the next version?


Will the next verion be able to save the file as a .doc file?
Will it be able to open up a .doc file in Word either in the browser or from the user’s machine?

Also, does this component also avoid automating Word as the Excel component does?

And finally, when do you think the functionality that I mentioned will be available?

Best Regards,
Michael Minadeo
IBM Global Services
Nissan Account

Hello Michael,

Thanks for your feedback.

1. Yes, next version will write into a .doc file. In fact, it is the only feature missing from the final product and I’m working on it right now.

2. We plan to provide a way of not only saving the file onto a disk, but sending it to the client browser as well. Does this sound like an answer to your question? If not, please let me know what do you want to achieve here in more details.

3. Aspose.Word does not use MS Word therefore no automation is involved. It’s the main point of the product of course.

4. Optimistic estimate for Aspose.Word is end of November, but it all depends on complexities of the Word file format we encounter as we go. I think in the worst case Aspose.Word will be delivered beginning of January.


How Aspose.Word look for the end of November?

Michael Minadeo
IBM Global Services
Nissan Account

Hi Michael,

It will help to bring delively date of Aspose.Word forward if we can omit some features until further versions.

Here is a list of what can save us some time, please indicate if some of the items are must to have so the product is useable it least for you:

1. Headers and footers
2. Footnotes and endnotes
3. Tables
4. Bulleted and numbered lists
5. Text boxes
6. Graphics
7. Annotations (comments)
8. Support of pre Word97 formats
9. Nested fields

I’m pretty sure we will have base Aspose.Word writing in .doc format by the end of November, but at this stage I cannot guarantee which of the above will be included by that time. What I plan to include so far is:

1. Character formatting
2. Paragraph formatting
3. Styles
4. Sections (page properties etc)
5. Fields (non nested)
6. MailMerge


We are working hard and getting more progress.

The feature that has just been finished is related to reading and parsing all of the formatting stored in a Word document (character, paragraph, section). I do not plan to release another beta because this feature is not really visible to the user, but important.

We continue to work on the writer side of the thing and plan to do another beta release in 2-3 weeks. Featurewise it will be like described in me previous post.

More progress on Aspose.Word.

We have almost everything ready in the writer. I expect Aspose.Word will be able to produce its first Word documents by the end of this week. If all goes well, the release will follow very soon.


We finally have Aspose.Word producing first Word files that Word is happy to understand.

We are going to perform more testing, then add licensing, documentation and installer. I think we are no more than two weeks away from the commercial release!

Is there a way I can get a beta copy of the next version of Aspose.Word? My project requires that I get started on my Word output. I will purchase today if I can get the pre-release or beta that has table support.


Hi Hehdaddy,

I’ve released Aspose.Word 1.1 Beta which supports lists and tables.

Note that it’s just loading and saving of tables, population of tables from a dataset is still not included.

Is that enough for your project to start? Otherwise full release is scheduled for 20th January.


Latest version Aspose.Word 1.1 supports tables, lists and DataTable as a source for mail merge operations. Check out the download section of Aspose.Words for .NET API.