How can I get the source code of Editor demo?

I would like to run a demo using Diagram Editor but I couldn’t find it in your Demo project source code as well as any document on how to build it manually. Please help


Are you interested in Java or .NET variant of the API?

I’m working on .NET


Sorry for the delay. The Diagram.Editor App’s source code is not yet published publicly, but we’re going to publish it soon and we’ll notify you once it is published. Hopefully, it will be available on github in a couple of days. Thanks.


The Aspose.Diagram Editor app demo source code is now available under this API’s demos here along with other demos as well: I hope this helps.

I’ve tried the demo code and see that it doesn’t work properly as the one on your demo site does.
I opened a same visio file and it’s rendered differently on Demo site and local demo code. Please see the attached images below

image.png (221.0 KB)
image.png (190.0 KB)

Please help!


It seems like you are trying to use the demo application without setting any license. Please try to set a valid license or apply for a 30-days free temporary license over our website. You may also post in Aspose Apps forum in case you face some issue related to Aspose Apps.

Honestly, I can’t request a temporary license, it always popup a message asking me to update email/company name, however, I couldn’t pass it whether I have updated all information.


We apologize for the inconvenience being faced while getting the temporary license. We request you create a post in our Purchase forum to contact our sales team and you will be assisted there accordingly.