How can I load SRB 2024 in Aspose.Finance

Hi there,

I’m having issues loading the latest SRB taxonomy schema in Aspose.Finance. Does anyone have an example loading this(2024 Resolution Reporting | Single Resolution Board).

Currently, my dependencies are not handled correctly. Started bootstraping my code like this…

        XbrlDocument document = new XbrlDocument();
        XbrlInstanceCollection xbrlInstances = document.XbrlInstances;
        XbrlInstance xbrlInstance = xbrlInstances[xbrlInstances.Add()];
        SchemaRefCollection schemaRefs = xbrlInstance.SchemaRefs;
        schemaRefs.Add(@"\eu\fr\xbrl\ext\model.xsd", "");
        schemaRefs.Add(@"\eu\fr\xbrl\crr\dict\met\met.xsd", "");
        schemaRefs.Add(@"\eu\fr\xbrl\dict\met\met.xsd", "");
        schemaRefs.Add(@"\eu\fr\xbrl\crr\func\func.xsd", "");
        schemaRefs.Add(@"\eu\fr\xbrl\fws\srf\eu-2015-63\2023-06-13\mod\eac-ind.xsd", "");

but having exceptions after loading successfully my first dependency:

Aspose.Finance.Xbrl.XbrlException: ‘Can’t find’ on next code lin(schemaRefs.Add(@“\eu\fr\xbrl\crr\dict\met\met.xsd”)



You need to provide a valid folder (physical) path to .xsd file(s) for SchemaRefCollection.Add() method. See the document with example code for your reference.

Let us know if you still find any issue.

sorry for the delayed response. yes, I’m aware of the library and how should things work but the issue is that the taxonomy and related files are not in the same folder. .xsd root files are defined in catalog file like this:

image.png (4.6 KB)

and the whole taxonomy is distributed in folders/subfolders:

image.png (2.5 KB)

is there a way to load such taxonomy and how?


Thanks for further details and screenshots.

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Issue ID(s): FINANCENET-304

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