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How can I read a function from an Excel fill?

How can I read a function from an Excel fill and use it in
Let say that the function is very simple: A1+ A2 and the function is placed in A3 cell.
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Dear Daniel,

Thanks for your consideration.

I don’t clearly understand your question. Do you mean the following?

1. Make a designer file
2. In Cell A3 place a formula : "=A1+A2"
3. Use Aspose.Excel to open it, and want to get the formula as a string “=A1+A2”.

If yes, currently Aspose.Excel does not support this feature. I will add your need in my future plan.

And I suggest you can try this:

You can use the Cell.Formula to place the function “=A1+A2” in cell A3. Thus you can use the formula string in other place.