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How could I use CRAM-MD5 for IMAP authentication?

I have a IMAP account which password has some special characters (é è ) and cannot get the IMAP client, I will get a login error when create the client. It also tried S22.IMAP, and I can connect to the IMAP server using CRAM-MD5 authentication method. But I’m not clear how to use Aspose to connect with CRAM-MD5. Could someone help me on this?
Welcome to our community! Thank you for the query. Could you clarify which programming language you are using with Aspose.Email, please?

sorry for my unclear description.
I’m using C# with Aspose.Email 20.2.,
There were many updates after version 20.2. Please check the issue with the password characters with the latest version of Aspose.Email. If the problem persists, please confirm it.

I added a ticket with ID EMAILNET-40250 to our tracking system. Our development team will investigate this possibility. I will inform you of any progress.

Today I try with Aspose.Email 21.4, but it will not automatically use CRAM-MD5 for authentication. May be there are some properties or configurations need changed to use CRAM-MD5.
Currently I’m just create a IMAP client like this:
var client = new ImapClient(host, port, username, password, securityOptions);
Thank you for the additional information. When I have some news about it, I will answer you at once.