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How could we set the font resource when we are converting the emf images

When we convert emf to pdf or png, sometimes, the font could not be converted correctly if the font is not installed. But besides to install the font on system, could we set the location of the font file directory in the API call, so we could dynamically use customized font library for emf conversion?


The API does provide the support for loading the fonts from custom location. Please visit the documentation link, Specifying Font Folder While Converting. I hope the shared information will be helpful. Please share with us if there is still an issue.

Thanks for reply, I saw that there is font file specified as the code fonts.Add(dataDir + "arialAndTimesAndCourierRegular.xml"), what’s the arialAndTimesAndCourierRegular.xml like, how could we get the .xml file for specific font?
Could we use ttf directly?


You can disregard that statement of XML. Its actually font file name that you need to add in your application.