How do I force the formulas to recalculate in aspose.excel?


During my evaluation of the aspose excel, I have found it to be quite a good product but I have some concerns.

In the product we are designing, aspose would be used in two capacities : to display final data to users, but also as an invisible calculation engine. The first of these seems to work fine.

However invisible calculation engine is a bit problematic. I am importing data into the cells in an excel file that was saved in excel and then opened in aspose. In that worksheet I have formulas such as =C6+D6. I put in the values to C6 and D6 making sure that the type passed to PutValue is double. I also check that the type of the cell also reverts to double (if it was something else like string before). Then I check the value in the calculated cell. However this value does not relfect the sum of C6 and D6 but rather reflects the value that was saved with the worksheet.

Is there a method I must call to force a recalculate of the values? Keep in mind that for this portion of the application I do not want to display the aspose.excel to user but simply use it to do various types of calculations for me behind the scenes.


In fact, now Aspose.Excel doesn’t have an invisible calculation engine at all. It just parse the formula and save them to the result excel file. Calculation work is left to MS Excel.

We are thinking of creating the invisible calculation engine. But it’s too complicate to do in a short time. I estimate that it could be available about on July.



"We’re proposing to make a product suite Aspose.Excel.Suite"
1. Aspose.Excel.Engine. It is the existing Aspose.Excel, an invisible control that enables you to read and write Excel spreadsheets in your Windows or Web applications. It will be renamed to Aspose.Excel.Engine when the product suite is available for sale."

The automatic recalc feature of Excel is a very useful feature but we don’t want Excel as a requirement when we distribute our products.

I can tell you that this would be a powerful tool for us and we would be very glad to adopt it.

You mentioned that this engine could be available around July, are you guys still thinking at the same timeframe if you decide to build this suite?


Hello luc,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Excel.Suite.

Frankly speaking, I’m not sure the timeframe for it right now. However, I will post it here at my earliest convenience.