How do i get the licence Aspose.Cells

How do i get the licence Aspose.Cells, Error display ‘Evaluation Only. Created with Aspose.Cells for .NET.Copyright 2003 - 2021 Aspose Pty Ltd.’ does not go away when export pdf.
Can you please assists?

Capture.PNG (11.4 KB)


This is evaluation watermark (restriction) when using Aspose.Cells without a valid license which will be always pasted on output PDF in Excel to PDF rendering. You need to have a valid license and then set the license in code at the start (of your program/application) before using any other Aspose.Cells APIs to remove this watermark and to work with the APIs without any other rescriction. See the document on Licensing for your complete reference.

You may purchase the Aspose.Cells for .NET library. Should you have any query on licensing or subscription, please do contact in Aspose.Purchase section.

Moreover, if you want to test Aspose.Cells for .NET APIs without evaluation version limitations, you can also request a 30 Day Temporary License.