How Do I Install Aspose in a Shared Hosting Environment


We downloaded the Aspose.word files and I see the dlls.

What do we need to do to get these to work at our ISP?

Do we just upload the files and then they will work?

Do we need the ISP to install them or register them?

How does this work?



If you want to use Aspose.Word in client-server environment you need to write an ASP.NET application, test it, make a setup project, compile to msi package and deploy it on the server. Aspose.Word.dll should be included in the setup package.

For examples of ASP.NET applications look at Aspose.Word Demos which are part of the distribution package.


Our ISP does not allow us to install software on their server, which hosts not only our site but also many other sites.

So, I guess we cannot use your product, right?


If your ISP provides just normal hosting for ASP.NET applications, then you will be able to use Aspose.Word without problems. You don’t have to build msi installer, you can just copy files of the compiled application to the server. Please see MSDN on how to build and deploy ASP.NET applications.