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How do I: Page numbering to begin after title page and a couple of introduction pages

I’m working on a rtf report using Aspose.Words.
The report is to contain up to 4 sections:
Section a: Title Page
Section b: Welcome Page(s)
Section c: Intro Pages(s)
Section d: Detail pages
Users may include sections a, b, and c. These pages will NOT be numbered and will NOT contain a header or footer.
Section d will ALWAYS be in the report. It WILL contain a header and footer and WILL have page numbering starting with “Page 1”.
I’ve tried different examples from your site, but I’m not able to get the results I want.
Can you give me an example of how to do this?
Here is the method in which I’m creating my document:

StringBuilder objSB = new StringBuilder();
objSB.Append("content for sections a, b, c, d");
MemoryStream objMemStream = StringToMemoryStream(objSB.ToString());
Aspose.Words.Document doc = new Aspose.Words.Document(objMemStream,"",Aspose.Words.LoadFormat.Html,"");

Thank you!

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Thanks for your request. Maybe the example from the following thread could help you.
Also please create a document you want using MS Word and attach it here. I will try to help you to create this document using Aspose.Words.
Best regards.