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How do I use aspose component in AngularJS for Excel

how do I use aspose component in AngularJS application for excel, this is pure Angular application…


Thanks for your posting and considering Aspose.Cells.

Aspose.Cells is mostly used in console and web-applications. For web-application, there is always some server side language like C#, VB.NET and Java etc. Please let us know if AngularJS has any server side lanugage or does it only have client side language like JavaScript.

If you want to use it in Javascript, then you will have to create a .NET object that exposes itself as a COM object and within that .NET object you will use Aspose.Cells.

Please read the following description that might be relevant for you.

If you want to use Aspose.Cells from unmanaged C++ (using COM), then we
recommend you to make a wrapper assembly and then call your own assembly
from C++/COM.

For example, you can create a function inside the wrapper assembly

void ProcessRequest()
//all of your code using Aspose.Cells goes here

Then from unmanaged C++/COM, you call this function instead of directly calling Aspose.Cells from C++/COM.

Creating a Wrapper Assembly

you need to use many of the Aspose.Cells classes, methods and
properties, consider creating a wrapper assembly (using C# or any other
.NET programming language), that will help to avoid using Aspose.Cells
directly from unmanaged code.

A good approach is to develop a
.NET assembly that references Aspose.Cells and does all the work with
it, and only exposes the minimal set of classes and methods to unmanaged
code. Your application then should work just with your wrapper library.

the number of classes and methods that you need to invoke via COM
Interop could simplify your project, because using .NET classes via COM
Interop often requires advanced skills.

You can research on internet how you can create such a wrapper assembly which could be used in C++/COM.

Besides, we now recommend C++ users to use Aspose.Cells for Cloud (REST based
APIs). Because these APIs can be used in any platform and languages.

Please also read the following product pages to get familiar with the Cloud APIs.