How do I use Excel as a GUI and import to Aspose?


From Progammer’s Guide: Formatting a Cell
"Properly formatting the cells make the data easy-to-understand. You can use MS Excel as a GUI tool to design a spreadsheet with full formatting. The designer spreadsheet can be imported by Aspose.Excel and used as a basis of a report."

Any chance of a walkthrough on how to do this?

For example say I save some excel file called design.xls, how do I go about importing it?


To speed your development, Aspose.Excel introduces designer spreadsheet.

You can use Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet whose contents can be decided at design time. This spreadsheet is called a designer spreadsheet. Then, you call Aspose.Excel API to read the designer spreadsheet and write contents which can be decided at run time to the result spreadsheet . All the spreadsheets except the Invoice in the Featured Demos are created via this method.

It's easy to import a designer file. Please see the sample code:

Excel excel = new Excel();


Okay thanks. One more question, would I be able to build the Aspose excel object with all the data I need and then export the data to an excel designer spreadsheet after all com***tion is complete?

I am trying to improve a system’s performance by making minimal calls to MS Excel…


Sure you can.

Aspose.Excel is a spreadsheet creation engine without utilizing MS Excel. MS Excel is only needed to view the created file.