How do you extract the drawings done in OneNote?



Is there a way to extract the drawings users have done in an OneNote note? like identify them and convert them to a vector graph such as SVG?

Thanks in advance.



Please share your sample file with us for our testing. We will provide our feedback after analysis.


Hi, here’s the sample .one file and the PDF is what it looks like with writings(drawings) on the note. We were unable to see those writings(drawings) that’s why we asked.

Thank you again. (352.7 KB)


I have reviewed the sample file and was able to extract the image successfully. I am afraid to share that reading/writing hand-written elements is not supported yet because Microsoft open specification doc does not cover it. We have requested them to share this information through emails etc. but no response yet. Hence this feature cannot be provided in the near future. You may please keep an eye on our blog posts and new version release notes for an update in this regard.

For your reference, I am attaching an existing ticket NOTENET-222 which will help us in notifying automatically once any progress is made in this regard. Although you are looking for extraction of hand-written elements, but once this ticket will be resolved, your requirement will also be fulfilled after this feature.

NOTENET-222  - Rendering the hand-written elements.


I see, I guess since it’s not supported then it is not possible to even print the complete note with hand-written elements from Aspose is it correct?


Yes, it is correct. Once we have any further update on its support, we will let you know here.