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How does aspose words resolves the default font location?

Dear Support,

How does the location of the fonts is resolved by aspose while rendering to fixed format document?
I want to limit aspose to look for available fonts in said folders only.

For ex: I have all fonts installed in this path and expects aspose to look here only for primary and alternate font, if not available. /home/Documents/CustomFont.
Kindly let me know it.

Ganesh S Vidharthi
Zoho Recruit

Thanks for your inquiry. You can set the folder where Aspose.Words looks for TrueType fonts when rendering documents using FontSettings.SetFontsFolder method. If your all fonts are in one folder, you need to put the primary and alternate fonts in separate folder and set the fonts’ folder using this method.

We suggest you please check the members of FontSettings class. Please also read following article.
How to Specify True Type Fonts Location

Thanks for clarification. It is working as suggested.