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How modify gdb


now we can read gdb, but how modify feature attribute or shape, thanks


I’ve added an example of how to modify feature attributes and geometries to the Aspose.GIS Examples repository. Please take a look


thanks , but all your examples are modify source layer and save to result layer , can we save back to source layer ,we want a Update method on Aspose.Gis.VectorLayer



In place updates feature attributes and geometries are currently not supported. I’ve logged ticket GISNET-346 for implementation of this functionality. I’ll notify you once as soon as there any updates on this.

Meanwhile, could you share why creating a new layer for modified features doesn’t work for you? Is it because of performance considerations, or do you find current API difficult to use in your use case, or something else? Thank you for your feedback!


Imagine that there are 20 layers in a GDB. you need copy all the layers because you only modify one feature in one layer, the performance will be very poor.
Our data is very large, there are many layers, totally hundred millions of features
Arcgis engine is 32 bits.32-bit program users can only use 2G of memory. We don’t have enough memory for complex operations at all, so we want to use aspose.gis under 64-bit.

Meanwhile, we have some feature request
1.Spatial query : VectorLayer with VectorLayer or geometry
2. In place (insert,delete) field with a layer,modify fields of layer and the name of layer.



Thank you for the details, they are really helpful.
Aspose.GIS already supports Update mode on the Dataset level. Once you open a dataset with Dataset.Open, you can create or remove its layers in-place. But on the level of a VectorLayer now there is no way to update data in-place, and I can see how this is problematic with very big data sets.

I’ve logged GISNET-348, GISNET-350 and GISNET-351 for spatial queries, in-place attribute table modifications, and layer renaming correspondingly.