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How read google kml file? (1.2 KB)
i try open my kml file but its show error
var layer = Drivers.Kml.OpenLayer(“doc.kml”, new KmlOptions() { });
var featureAtIndex1 = layer[0];

Hi, @mesteruh

Please consider the below code to read KML file

        // put to a 'using' statement to manage the resources more optimal
        using (var layer = Drivers.Kml.OpenLayer(@"doc.kml", new KmlOptions() { }))
            // read
            foreach (var feature in layer)
                // print all values
                object[] valuesDump = feature.GetValuesDump();
                for (int i = 0; i < valuesDump.Length; i++)

                // split

Thank you for sharing the issue details. Your approach is correct too, but it threw an exception. We created a ticket GISNET- 595 to investigate this case. We will notify you here as we will have progress with it.