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How to access objects on the notes view

Open the attached ppt in MS PP and switch to Notes Page view. Could you give a code sample on how can I access the “123” text box?


Let me find it out and confirm, then I will tell you, whether it is possible or not.

Unfortunately any additional objects on a notes view are not supported.
You can read standard formatted text only.

Can you add this feature in the upcoming update? If not, when can we expect this feature to be implemented?
When I open the original presentation and save it using Write() mehod, the objects are there so it seems that Aspose reads these objects correctly, but just does not provide any means to access them.

Currently Aspose.Slides doesn’t parse notes at all except reading text.
I’m afraid it can’t be done quickly. Real structure of notes is large enough
and there is a lot of work to do. We will add your request in the queue and
start developing this feature as soon as time allow.

Do you have any progress with developing this feature?

Dear Alexey,
I do have the same issue on a different project. Our customer is excited with the way Aspose.Slides for .NET works. The only really major thing they are asking for is being able to use formatting in Slide Notes.

The majority of application’s users (employees and third party vendors) are active “Notes View” abusers, they tend to add a lot of formatting to “Notes” page for every slide just to find out that it all has been lost after uploading to the portal ;-(

In fact, this is the most business-requested feature we ever had since adding support for PPT slides and will definitelly help the customer to drive in more users and increase the business value of their product.

I would be very grateful if you could share the insight of when we could expect support for Slide Notes formatting added to Aspose.Slides.

Thank you.

Dear rolz,

Unfortunately, because of time and work restraints, this feature cannot be implemented yet. But it is in our to-do list and as soon as the work is started (which is also indefinite), we will let you know by posting here.