How to add annotations & Shapes to the Html5 Pdf Editor

I’m using Html5 PDF Editor, I want to add Annotations & Shapes like below to the Html PDF Editor.
image.png (1.2 KB)
image.png (1.1 KB)
Is it possible to add shapes and annotations like above in Html PDF Editor. Please give suggestion on this. We are using temporary license now, we want to go ahead and purchase license after complete this POC. We have link to for annotation documentation, Please share us the feasibility for imperilment annotations on web app and any samples/demos if any other than just documentation link.

Thank you.


Would you please share the link from where you are using the mentioned editor so that we can respond you accordingly.

Link : HTML5 PDF Editor | Edit PDF Files in ASP.NET PDF Editor | C# .NET

Is and will come under same licensing or different?


As mentioned in the blogpost already, it is just a demonstration of how you can use API in the codebehind to implement its functionality for viewing PDF files. It basically converts PDF pages into images and display them in the HTML Canvas. We are not providing any support regarding maintaining or resolving issues related to this demo application.

Furthermore, you can however check GroupDocs.Viewer which offers functionality to view docs in the application and provides controls to integrate with your application.

In case you face any issue while using the API (Aspose.PDF for .NET) in your codebehind, please feel free to let us know.

We request you to post your above inquiry in our Purchase Forum where you will be entertained accordingly.